Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I'm on it.

I'm going to be offline for a bit.  I will be back by 10/3 for Jess and Stephanie's cover reveal.
Why am I going to be gone, you may or may not be asking?
I've been diagnosed with Cubital Tunnel.  Ever heard of it? For those who haven't  (I was clueless before the diagnosis) here's the deets:  Cubital Tunnel is nerve entrapment neuropathy in the elbow region that limits mobility along the ulnar nerve. This is the nerve that supplies feeling and movement to the arm and hand, i.e. the funny bone nerve. The symptoms are weakness, clumsiness, numbness and pain in the hand and if untreated can eventually lead to the hand atrophying in a claw-like position.  Other symptoms include tenderness of the inner elbow, tingling inside the forearm, numbness of the little finger or ring finger and inability to grip.
The cause, or one of them, is from having the elbow bent and resting on a hard surface for extended periods of time.  (A writerly thing).  It also affects people who play sports, don't warm up properly, have diabetes or an underactive thyroid.
FYI: It's recommended that the elbow remain straightened while sleeping to offset the risk of CT. 
To correct by surgery: an incision is made and the nerve is moved to an area with more fatty tissue that allows more freedom of movement and or cushioning.
I'm having (minor) surgery tomorrow. Leave the light on for me.


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Happy Birthday



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Wink and Nod AND SuperHero Name Generator

Today's Wink and Nod Recipient is Chrys Fey.
Chrys concentrates on igniting sparks in writers. Her goal: motivate, share information, and empower. Chrys writes romantic suspense and has published a disaster crime series: Hurricane Crimes and Seismic Crimes.  Check 'em out.

Wink, wink, Chrys.

So many blogs. So little time.

I'm Improbably Friendly Goat


Our friend C. Lee McKenzie's Double Negative is listed in the Readers Choice Awards for YA and Middle Grade Books (page 12/16). The voting ends Dec. 10. The link: https://www.tckpublishing.com/readers-choice-voting

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Optical Illusions

Hint: Old Man/Young Couple